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The Cecchetti method of ballet instruction was devised by the Italian ballet master and pedagogue, Enrico Cecchetti (1850-1928). It provides the teacher with a complete, balanced curriculum and system of theory and execution for the planned development of the student from the first lesson to solo status. The training method is traditionally taught as a series of eight grades of instruction, consisting of four student (Grade I –IV) and four professional grades (elementary, intermediate, advanced and diploma), each designed to be successively more technically demanding with a specified curriculum/syllabus.  

The completion of each grade provides a base to advance to the next level and enables the student to successfully undertake an evaluated examination matched to the grade from beginner to professional level. In addition to "set" exercises from the syllabus, the Cecchetti teacher includes new steps or novel step combinations in each lesson so that a student will learn to adapt quickly and easily to any pattern of steps or rhythm. A well trained Cecchetti dancer has a purity of line, confident technique, and eloquent yet simple style which enables them to explore all choreographic styles of dance from contemporary ballet to the classic repertoire. This internationally recognized ballet instruction method lies at the core of Janelle Sebren’s instruction at the Sacramento Academy of Dance where she makes Maestro Cecchetti’s approach to developing complete dancers with a solid foundation simply solid fun.

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Janelle Sebren has successfully coached hundreds of students through their Cecchetti exams. To learn more about the studio and classes, please call the director, Janelle Sebren, a Licentiate of the Cecchetti Council of America, at 916-971-0945 or send EMAIL. Click HERE to enroll online today, no obligation.