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Sacramento Academy of Dance students may begin studying classical ballet with our teachers as early as age four. We are serious about helping every student build a solid foundation in dance skills and technique, but we believe dance training should be fun and enjoyable. Our students show steady advancement and improvement over the years because the Academy is an exciting and fun place for children and teachers to share a love of dance. Our students laugh, become familiar with all their classmates and develop special ballet friends as they become lovely, well-mannered, graceful ballerinas. Outstanding teaching in a nurturing environment encourages each of our students to develop into the best dancers they can be whether they wish to become professionals, develop grace, flexibility and physical strength, or simply dance for pleasure and the love of dance.

Ballet Class Schedule 2017-2018
Tuition 2017-2018

Jadyn Williams age 10, Student

Our classes are designed to stimulate the imagination while developing the body.  We begin with carefully chosen exercises for strength and stretch.  At the ballet barre students learn positions of the feet, legs, arms and body in classic ballet exercises using the traditional French terminology. Next, we go to the center floor for further work on jumps, turns and steps. We then have fun learning a series of short dance step combinations, runs across the floor and routines, using rhythm and props.

The class finishes with acrobatics, such as splits, back bends, and cartwheels. Each child sits like a little lady as they wait for their turn, and then all bow to the teacher with a thank you. The children are then off to the “real” world, looking forward to the next class, while dreaming of becoming beautiful ballerinas. For our advanced students, we offer the opportunity to study with outstanding teachers capable of the highest levels of technique and artistic expression.

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