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Sacramento Academy of Dance Testimonials

Here's what some of our students and parents are saying about The Sacramento Academy of Dance:

"My daughter started with Sacramento Academy of Dance at age 7. She had prior ballet experience so Janelle put her in the Grade I Cecchetti class to see if it was a good fit. From the first day my daughter met Ms. Janelle she knew she it was the right ballet school for her. She connected instantly with her teacher. Ms. Janelle has provided my daughter an excellent ballet education and curriculum along with the proper etiquette. Ms. Janelle is passionate about ballet and everything that it has to offer. We are so happy to be a part of her school and we look forward to many more wonderful years."
- S. Williams

"I drive my daughters, a 3 hour round trip, 3 times a week to the Sacramento Academy of Dance for its fine attention to ballet technique, loving and warm class environment, 3 fabulous dance studios, and outstanding mentoring towards a professional career in dance."
Cheri Myers (parent)

"Janelle, You have the perfect balance between fun and discipline with the kids."
Julie Esparza (parent)

"Miss Janelle, Thank you for your hard work and dedication."
Lori Mayberry (parent)

"Now in her 50s, Sebren still has the commanding presence of a diva."
From the Sacramento Bee article "Prima Plié" August 29th, 2002

"Alisa, my 12 year old daughter, has been dancing with Janelle since she was four, and my youngest daughter Mandy (age 5) is in her second year at the Academy.  It looked like so much fun, I decided to join an adult class.  We all love it!   Mandy learns real ballet moves in a happy atmosphere, Alisa is learning pointe and I find ballet as soothing as yoga, while also being as strenuous as an aerobics class."
Rosie Miller (student and parent)